Special Educational Needs

The Swale Inclusion Service (SIS) is a specialist provision, and can only be accessed through the LA in exceptional circumstances. All students have experienced social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and many also have significant barriers to learning. All of our pupils at SIS pupils are SEN Support and fall into the needs category of social, emotional and mental health although many of them have secondary needs as well as diagnosed and undiagnosed conditions such as ASD and ADHD.

On entry we liaise with the referring school and agencies involved to ensure we have as much information as possible. All pupils undergo baseline testing using WRAT4 (Wide Range Attainment Test). They undertake further assessments which assess strengths and weaknesses in English and maths as well as reading and spelling tests. They are also given a baseline assessment in every subject within two weeks of entry to assess progression pathways and to set targets. Reading is high priority all pupils engage in interventions using the Lexia programme focusing on reading strategies and phonics. SIS recognises that improvement in reading has the greatest impact on progression across the curriculum.

The Swale Inclusion Service provides a safe, stimulating learning environment and each pupil will be valued as an individual. We will provide a broad balanced curriculum which enables the students to progress academically, socially and emotionally according to their potential. No pupils will be discriminated against in studying any subject area within the academy’s curriculum on the grounds of their SEN. Pupils are taught in small teaching groups with at least one teacher and one teaching assistant and are ensured of the highest quality teaching with an unrelenting focus on learning, progress and attainment.
All staff are committed to working together for the benefit of the young people at SIS. We will provide a positive, caring approach where the achievements and successes of each pupil are celebrated whenever possible. Staff work tirelessly to ensure that pupils are happy, make progress and achieve qualifications needed for their post 16 pathways.
SIS regards SEND as a whole school issue. As such, staff are continuously seeking to develop their knowledge and are trained regularly in all aspects of SEND via internal or external specialists. Our SENCo, Pastoral Manager, Welfare and Attendance lead are all fully committed to regular development, training and furthering their understanding and practical application of SEN issues.

All staff are experienced in dealing with pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and can respond to most routine concerns or enquiries. The school has developed strong links with support services. We have regular use of an Educational Psychologist and Attendance Advisory Practitioner. There is also excellent access to Salus, the aim of the programme is to improve the emotional well-being and resilience of children and young people. Where necessary support can be coordinated via the Early Help process to both children and families. In addition to the support mentioned we also work closely with services such as Social Care, Medical/Health Services, the Early Help team, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, local police, SATEDA, YOT and Headstart.